Smile Makeovers in Alexandria

What’s keeping you from your best smile? Whether you’re living with misaligned, discolored, gapped, or cracked teeth, Sepideh Badri, DDS, and the dedicated team at Dental Studio at Mark Center are here to help with smile makeovers at our Alexandria, Virginia, office.

Have A Perfected Smile Free From Cosmetic Issues

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What is a smile makeover?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Rather than a specific treatment or procedure, a smile makeover is care personalized to you and your smile goals. The Alexandria team at Dental Studio at Mark Center begins your smile makeover by talking with you about what you do and don’t like about your teeth. Once you identify what you’d like to change about your smile, they tailor your smile makeover to your needs. At the end of the process, you’re left with a bright, beautiful smile.

What does a smile makeover include?

It depends on what you want to change about your teeth. Components your smile makeover can include:

Teeth whitening

Is tooth discoloration compromising your confidence? With professional teeth whitening, the team at Dental Studio at Mark Center lifts out stains, giving you teeth that dazzle.


Do you have a problem tooth or set of teeth? With veneers — thin shells that get bonded to the front of your teeth — you can quickly hide tooth problems, transforming your smile. Whether you have a gap between teeth, a cracked tooth, or too-short teeth, your Dental Studio at Mark Center provider can use veneers to cover the issue.

Dental implants

The Alexandria team at Dental Studio at Mark Center believes that a missing tooth or teeth shouldn’t get in the way of a full, confident smile. With dental implants, you’ll get a long-lasting, natural-looking replacement tooth.


You don’t have to wear metal braces to get straight teeth. Dental Studio at Mark Center offers Invisalign — clear, plastic aligners you wear that shift your teeth into alignment. Skip the metal brackets and wires and get your dream smile with Invisalign.

What should I expect from a smile makeover?

By the time your smile makeover is finished, you’ll have a perfected smile free from cosmetic issues. The steps to get you to your perfect smile will vary based on your current challenges and your smile goals, but the end result is always a straight, even, dazzling smile in Alexandria.

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